Who We Are

Shared Logic was formed in 2001 by Michael J Forster and Colin Goring. Later joined by Feng Xue, to date we have 25 years of combined experience developing often cutting edge, always reliable software solutions for our clients. We have designed systems and developed quality enterprise software for major companies throughout Manitoba, across Canada, the United States, and the PR of China.

Our experience comes from developing software and designing systems across several industries including accounting, steele manufacturing, health care, food processing, agri-chemical, scientific and laboratory analysis, finance and banking, retail e-commerce, mobile phone software...to name a few. This experience has and does allow us to understand a clients needs quickly and to develop the systems that provide the best in automation to achieve our clients goals.

Our software applications range from the small business desktop to demanding enterprise and ecommerce systems that must run 24/7/365. In many cases we also design and implement the computing infrastructure on which our and other’s software depends.

We are agile software developers. Traditional software development does not accommodate changing requirements. This is a reaction to the assumption that the cost of changing software rises dramatically over the course of development. In traditional software development practice, this becomes a self-fulfiling prophecy. By attempting to gather all requirements up front and then "freezing" the specification, developers lock themselves and their customers into an agreement to deliver a large and often incoherent mass of features, many peripheral at best and frivolous at worst.

We recognize that change is inevitable and, more pecisely, that a customer's vision of the system becomes clearer only after seeing the system in action. To deliver such a system, one that must, inevitably, change once the customer sees it, we begin with the simplest possible design, put it into production quickly, and let it evolve in whatever directions prove most fruitful to the customer. All the while, we add flexibility and remove unnecessary complexity.

A number of ingredients are key to this recipe:

Our focus has been — and will always be — providing our customers with secure, high availability, and correctly functioning software and computing systems.