Software Architecture and Development

Software that works! That is our motto when designing and developing software solutions for our customers. "Less is more", though it seems contrary to business goals, is a cornerstone we believe in that helps us deliver to you the software you want that does what it needs to do. If you want the bells and whistles we'll do that too. But first we will develop the solution that works efficiently towards your company or organization's goals and requirements without the unnecessary fluff accompanying most projects.

Systems Design and Implementation

Your business needs reliable networks, servers and workstations for your business to succeed. At Shared Logic, those are the types of systems we design and build. From local client/server LAN networks to national and international high-availibility networks connecting branch locations, we can help you implement, or implement for you, reliable, highly-available networks, hardware and software platforms that keep your business running smoothly. In todays age, systems downtime is unacceptable. We help minimize the risk to keep you running at capacity.